International Science Center
ISC Internet Open Source Team Agreement

      This ISC Internet Open Source Team Agreement is in effect for all members of the International Science Center - Internet Open Source Teams.

Team Members agree to and are required to abide by the following rules of conduct:
  1. ISC Team Members shall agree to and act in accordance with the ISC Statement of Purpose as posted in the ISC Website.
  2. Team Members shall commit themselves to their Team Project with no expectation of any financial rewards for participating in the Team Project. Public recognition of each Individual and Team effort on any Project shall be a standard practice of the ISC.
  3. Proper business and ethical conduct shall be maintained at all times during any project research, release or publication of the team findings on the ISC Website or other media.
  4. Data and information acquired and/or utilized during team research shall document the specific source of the data and/or information cited, prior to any public release.
  5. Data and information acquisition shall utilize public domain information and/or Government information and data wherever possible. Educational institution data and/or Proprietary data reference sources may require formal release authorization prior to public disclosure on the ISC Website.
  6. Any quoted Proprietary data or information obtained and reflected in the Team Reports must have a formal release, signed by the author or owner of said data or information, prior to utilization in any ISC Web posting or ISC publication.
  7. Team reports or Web pages developed by an Open Source Team shall be submitted for ISC Board review prior to inclusion in the Website. Information and Data added to the site shall become the Property of the site. Full credit shall be given to the Team and the team members on the appropriate pages of the site. ISC Team Charts on the Website shall list all Teams and Members and the site sections that they have developed.
  8. ISC management shall have the sole authority for formal Web releases and/or release of any data to the public. The ISC shall retain the original of any signed release form provided to the Team by the author or owner of any proprietary data or information.
The ISC extends it's grateful thanks and appreciation for your joining and participating in an ISC Internet Open Source Team.

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Welcome to the ISC Team and Thank you for joining the ISC Quest to share Science Information with the World.