Science Information Project

Statement of Purpose

The ISC Internet Science Information Project (SIP) is fully dedicated to providing a structured and user friendly interface to the published data available from certified governmental, private and educational institutions. It facilitates rapid and direct user linkage with the world’s Science, Technology and Engineering resources by any subject or field of interest.

Rapid access to existing knowledge is the first step in ensuring that science information can be effectively presented to and utilized by every inhabitant of this fragile biosphere we call the Earth.

Continuing access to new discoveries is essential in our reach for the stars, as we continue our quest to explore the universe.

The Project is designed as a participatory effort, especially with regard to communicating the new and innovative developments that occur every day in engineering, science and technology.

Internet Open Source Team participation in the Website is available.

The ISC Internet Science Information Project Website is presented herein for your review and research. The ISC photo galleries provided and other links, including the animals of the world interfaces, are dedicated to the viewing pleasure of citizens of any age.

The ISC Project is supported by The American Millennium Foundation, Inc. 501(c)(3).