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History and Charter

     The ISC Science and Technology Display Center Complex concept, with separate wings dedicated to Earth Science, Ocean Science and Space Science, was presented to the aerospace community and to government agencies at industry briefings commencing in 2006.

     With the closing of the Shuttle Program looming on the horizon, the unparalleled technical achievements of the Apollo and Space Shuttle Programs were too significant to be relegated to historical ledgers and static displays. A living science memorial, dedicated to the future as well as to the past, was in order to honor and commemorate the international science collaboration that made all these new wonders possible.

     In 2008, a Presidential Task Force was authorized to review and recommend to the President, the space industry and state/local government proposals for future federal space and technology funding. The International Science Center - Science and Technology Display Center was the first of 30 space and technology industry proposals presented to the Task Force in Orlando, Fl. on July 6, 2010.

     The ISC Science Center Complex Project was formally endorsed by the Brevard County Board of County Commissioners on Aug. 3, 2010 and by the Space Coast League of Cities on Aug. 9, 2010.

     In 2011, as the goals of the ISC Project could best be served at that time by creating a virtual center, the International Science Center Website was initiated and is now on line to serve the citizens of all nations.

     The International Science Center project is dedicated to raising earth science and ocean science to the same level of anticipation, wonder and hope that our current space science program now provides.

     The project is structured as an integrated plan that interfaces with all NASA Centers, NOAA, DOE, DOI, USGS, EM, EPA, FWS, UNEP, UNESCO, et al., as well as colleges, universities, secondary schools, high technology industry partners and professional scientific agencies.

     The International Science Center Website has also been designed for direct participation by other international agencies and countries that are, or would like to be, a joint partner in a truly worldwide endeavor to explore the universe and to protect our own planet in the process.

     During the past 4 years the International Science Center site has been operated only from private efforts and donations. We are now accepting tax deductible donations and/or sponsorships for the International Science Center Website. Please visit our donations and sponsorship page for more detailed information.

Scientific information sharing is a major goal of the ISC.

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